Germinator Shares KHQ's Story on Wearing Masks vs. No Masks

June 30, 2020

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KHQ investigates the effectiveness of wearing a mask versus no mask
Germinator prides itself on educating the public on the importance of cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting. Germinator is a socially conscious organization that cares, and we aim to help protect your environment from these "invisible enemies." We cannot stress enough how important cleanliness and hygiene are to us, and we want everyone to do what they can to stay safe during these trying times. Recently, KHQ news station in Spokane, Washington, reported and posted a video about the effectiveness of wearing a mask versus not wearing one, and the results support the importance of wearing a mask as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

KHQ sent reporter Kevin Kim to Sacred Heart Medical Center. He met with microbiologist, Dr. Rich Davis, to test various scenarios at various distances to show how masks prevent flying respiratory droplets from transferring over to surfaces and people. Kim coughed, sneezed, talked, and sang at a number of identical Petri dishes, and did the same activities at distances of two, four, and six feet. Dr. Davis had Kim perform these activities to prove that not wearing a mask could transfer bacteria or viruses like COVID-19. The results took 24 hours to cultivate, and their findings just go to show how important it is to wear adequate PPE when going about our day.

Kim performed each task, and the results shown below. The results proved that wearing a mask showed effectively no signs of contamination. However, as Kim performed each task without a mask, you can noticeably recognize the dramatic uptick in amount of respiratory bacteria shown on each Petri dish — especially when Kim sneezed and coughed.

Several Petri dishes showing bacteria when you don't wear a mask and uncontaminated ones when you do
When the tests were performed at various distances, the results for wearing a mask stayed consistent with showing no signs of transfer to each Petri dish. However, without a mask, the number of cultivated bacteria at two and four feet still showed considerable amounts of bacterial transfer. Yet, at six feet, mask or no mask, the results weren't visible, and this supports that socially distancing ourselves is an effective way to avoid the transfer of potentially infected droplets to another.

Dr. Davis tells the community to wear your masks and continue to practice socially distancing measures as mandated, and those of us at Germinator wish the same. Go above and beyond the CDC guidelines and have your business, home, or even both treated with Germinator's patent-pending process to sanitize and disinfect your surfaces in your environment and see how we use innovative methods to verify how clean your surfaces truly are using ATP monitoring techiniques. To learn more about Germinator or to schedule service, call us at (806) 771-4856. We look forward to helping you stay in a clean and hygienic environment and please wear your masks.

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