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Carpet Sanitizing

One of the leading causes of asthma and allergy attacks in a home are from unsanitary carpets and rugs. Although carpets and rugs provide warmth, comfort, and style, they are the perfect home for bacteria and allergens. Carpet cleaning alone is typically not enough and is only a temporary solution. Usually, a thorough carpet sanitizing service will be required.

Enter Germinator Lubbock's carpet sanitizing service. Although we are not a traditional carpet cleaning company, our carpet sanitizing will turn your carpets and rugs into very unwelcoming homes for bacteria and allergens. Our carpet sanitizing procedures will naturally help reduce germs and allergens for months.

We start by using Genesis. This powerful, natural, oxidizing agent fights germs, bacteria and odors within minutes leaving your carpets and rugs sanitized and fresh.
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The next step is maintaining the results of our carpet sanitizing process for an extended period of time. After applying Genesis, we treat carpets with our microbial barrier shield, which creates a virtual bio-barrier on your carpets helping them remain fresh for months.

You can rest assured that when Germinator applies its carpet sanitizing techniques on your carpets and rugs, they are as close to germ- and allergen-free as they were when you bought them.
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